F.A.Q.: General Questions

How can I be sure of receiving the Likes that I’ve purchased?

SMMashing Agency is a reputable company. In fact, we are the leading pioneer of social-media optimization (SMO) technologies and strategies. Our fair pricing brings us new clients each day, and our exceptional customer support is building an ever-larger family of happy, loyal clients. Read the reviews from our customers, and you’ll be impressed, too

How is SMMashing different from others? 

SMMashing has a unique ability to deliver successful results, which sets us apart.  We promise less and deliver more, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. We never ask for your password or login information. Also, you can check out and pay using your choice of the most popular methods, including PayPal. Best of all, our 100% Money-Back Guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction

Which services does SMMashing Agency offer? 

We provide clients with excellent public exposure and credibility by bringing guaranteed the most popual services: “Likes” to Facebook and followers to Twitter, Instagram “Likes” and Followers. Also we can provide real looking site visitors.

What is your Money-Back Guarantee? 

Almost all our services include a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our Guarantee is very simple: If we do not fulfill your order, we will send you a full refund. Please read our Terms of Service since some exceptions may apply.

Order Status messages. What do they mean? 

After placing an order, you may see Order Status messages, which note the following:

Pending – We have received your order, and we are awaiting your payment;

Processing – We have received your order and your payment, and your order is awaiting review and processing [Note: Depending upon staffing and time-of-day, this status may continue for up to 12 hours];

In Progress – We have reviewed your information and confirmed everything; the order has been sent to our team for fulfillment.

On Hold – While reviewing your order we found an error or glitch. We will send you an e-mail message with further instructions.

Complete – Congratulations! We’ve completed your order!

Failed – We were unable to complete your order; although uncommon, this condition is sometimes caused by a violation of terms of service, such as an account made private or deleted, or by blocked/removed followers.

Refunded – We started or completed your order, but we provided a refund due to a request of any kind.

Canceled – We did not start your order; the order was canceled by either us or yourself, resulting in either a full refund or in-store credit, depending upon the circumstances.

How to contact SMMashing?

We offer several convenient ways to reach us. Most customers communicate with us through e-mail while others choose to reach SMMashing via Live Chat, when available. Of course, we are always happy to meet with customers by appointment.

If I’ve been a victim of fraud, how can I recover my money?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately. Provide us with at least the following information:

  • Card holder’s full name
  • Card number and expiration date
  • Billing address
  • Type of card (debit, credit, Visa/MasterCard, etc.)
  • Date of transaction
  • Amount of transaction

If you have been victimized by card fraud, we’ll work to help you get your money back. Still, if you have any question regarding your credit/debit card, you should cancel that card and report it to your bank immediately.

My order was canceled. What happened?

If your order was canceled after having been accepted, it is probably because our staff was unable to complete your special instructions, or else the order was thought to be questionable. Our support team will contact you by e-mail with further details. If your order is canceled, we will issue a full refund.