F.A.Q.: Facebook Services

What does the Facebook Likes Service offer?

SMMashing offers regular Facebook Likes to Facebook Fan Pages, and websites that have Like buttons. We also offer a special service that provides Facebook Photo Likes.

Why do I need Facebook Likes/Fans?

In the online world, peer acceptance and social credibility are critically important for success. At SMMashing Agency, we grow and strengthen your online presence.  We bring you a steady flow of Likes and devoted Fans, so you can focus on enjoying your life and building your business.

How can the Facebook Likes Service help my Fan Page?

Whether your Fan Page features a band or a business, the more Likes you have, the more attention you’ll attract. Scientific studies have shown that social-media attention is viral: The more Likes you have, the more Likes you will receive from people who are attracted by the number of Likes you already have!

How can I use Facebook Likes to increase my web page traffic?

The first impression is always the most important– Our Facebook Likes Service gives your website instant popularity and credibility by bringing real people with real opinions to vouch for your business. If you own a blog or an e-commerce website, when visitors and prospective customers assess your site’s credibility and decide whether to do business with you, they judge you based on how many others “Like” you. The more Likes you have, the better.

Can you help me win a Facebook Photo Contest?

Of course! Our Facebook Photo Likes team specializes in providing Likes for your photos, along with excellent public exposure. We quickly and effectively deliver plenty of Likes to your favorite pictures, often enough to win difficult Photo Contests.

Do you offer targeted Facebook Likes?

Currently, SMMashing can only deliver non-targeted, global Facebook Likes. We are not yet able to target specific groups nor filter for specific countries, although we are working to expand our capability.

Could my Facebook Account or Fan Page be banned?

Often, our customers are surprised by the large number of Likes which they receive. Still, our services are completely acceptable under Facebook policies and terms-of-service. Since we do not require administrative access to your Facebook Account, and because all Likes are from real people, our services are invisible to the Facebook platform so your account is never at risk.

How are regular Facebook Likes different from Facebook Photo Likes?

When obtaining Facebook Photo Likes, we use an entirely different approach. Our marketing team spends significantly more time in developing Photo Likes, so the cost of Photo Likes packages is slightly higher than for regular Likes. Of course, Photo Likes are a higher priority so they are provided with a faster turnaround time.

Are Facebook Friends available?

We do not currently offer such a service.

Are Facebook Subscribers available?

SMMashing plans to soon introduce a service to provide access to Facebook Subscribers; our existing customers will have first access to this upcoming new service.